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David Klucas has been a licensed attorney in Ohio since 1988. He was raised in Vermilion, Ohio, and received his bachelor's degree from Ashland University. He then went on to law school at the University of Toledo and joined Dixon & Dixon from 1989 until 1996. 


Since establishing the Law Office of David Klucas in 1997, David has argued in over ninety jury trials and represented seventeen capital defendants. David is one of few attorneys to secure an acquittal in a capital trial and has never had a capital client receive the death sentence. Throughout the course of his career, David has gained experience in every conceivable criminal case circumstance. 


Outside of the courtroom, David has led a number of seminars and workshops on topics such as evaluation and defense of DNA evidence, jury instructions in capital cases, and the media and the major case. He has appeared on Court TV, providing commentary on covered trials, and has been published by the Columbus Bar Association. 




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